Our Ministries

The information below provides a snapshot of the ministries that we offer. If you should have any questions call Pastor Wells at 978-487-7171 or email him at avbc1040@comcast.net.

God's KitchenGod's Kitchen
Join us at God's Kitchen. Every Monday, Tuesday and Friday, you will find a meal waiting for you just by walking through the door. No questions asked -- just tired of eating alone, too tired to cook, short of funds, curious? You are welcome to come and join us. Do you have a problem that you need someone to talk with? A Deacon or Pastor is always available during the meals for a private and confidential conversation. Or you may call Pastor Stephen Wells for an appointment at ... more

Small Group StudiesSmall Group Studies
Presently the following is being studied in our Bible studies: Sunday - The book of John. Wednesday - Are You a CHRISTIAN or a DISCIPLE? Rediscover & Renewing New Testament Discipleship ​by Edward N. Gross Women's Bible Study - Gideon